The desire to have a child is so deeply rooted in our society that inability to bear children burden the couple not only on the physical and financial aspect but also on the emotional front. As if the diagnosis and the treatment weren’t difficult enough, the emotional turmoil surrounding infertility – while perfectly normal is yet another source of anxiety and stress. Most couples experience the struggle in much the same way. It’s a big challenge for
the concerned physicians who are treating the couple as well as for relatives and friends to help them cope with their emotional problems during this difficult period.
What is the definition of infertility?
A couple can be considered as infertile only when after one year of regular, unprotected intercourses
they fail to achieve pregnancy.Initial state of denial or shock – Most couples have tried to conceive
on their own over a period of months or even years, the ultimate diagnosis of infertility usually brings disbelief or
shock for them. According to Dr (Mrs) Poonam Nayar, PhD, Consultant Psychologist at Akanksha IVF Centre in New Delhi, the first question that….
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