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Welcome to Akanksha IVF Centre Delhi, India and our state of ART laboratory is motivated to make this life changing journey as simple and stress free as possible. Akanksha IVF established in 2002 with the aim to provide the best possible outcome for every couple who seeks our help. Akanksha IVF Centre Delhi support patients to achieve parenthood which is also incredibly important for increasing chances of success and also for the support and future pathways offered to the patient.

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Akanksha IVF Centre Team Delhi

Dr K.D Nayar
40 years+ Experience

5000+ IVF Babies Delivered

Cumulative IVF Success Rate 70%


Infertility Treatment Services

IUI ( Intrauterine insemination )

This is intrauterine insemination where the husband semen/donor semen is washed to remove the debris, pus cells & bacteria & is slowly put Inside the uterine cavity by the special catheter (Insemination canula). The process is painless, easy &

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IVF ( In Vitro Fertilisation )

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Embryo Transfer (ET) Commonly known as “Test Tube Baby”. IVF means fertilisation of an ovum outside the body and consequently transfer of the fertilised ovum (embryo) into the uterus of the women. IVF is probably

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ICSI ( IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection )

lCSI is the injection of a single sperm directly into the cytoplasm of the egg. Who requires ICSI? Patient who have low sperm count, very poor motility or a high percentage (greater than 95% of sperm with “abnormal” shape (morphology). ICSI

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Surrogacy Services

Surrogacy is a gift of modern science which has given infertile couples the opportunity to enjoy the fundamental right of parenting children. There are a lot of unanswered queries that will come to your mind, when you think of Surrogacy. Akanksha IVF

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Meet Our Doctors

Akanksha IVF Centre

Dr. K. D. Nayar

Chief Consultant & HOD
MBBS, DGO, MD Dip.Obst(Ireland), FICOG (40 year Experience)

Dr. Poonam Nayar

Ph.D (PGI Chandigarh 1986)

Mr. Gaurav Kant

M. Sc (Biotech.) Embryologist
Akanksha IVF Centre

Heena Sharma


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    Akanksha IVF Centre


    We are overwhelmed with joy. It is unbelievable. We are speechless. How can we thank you with words. But still we want to say thank you very much for your help and support.

    Akanksha IVF Centre

    Varinder w/o Harinder

    January 2011

    Our joys know no boundaries as our son is born, for whom we have waited for soooooooooo.. long. Had it been not for you, we would probably have not been so happy today. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you.

    Akanksha IVF Centre

    Priya and Prashant

    November 2010

    I know it’s a part of your day to day, but my vocabulary is not big enough to underscore the importance of work you do and did for us. You and your IVF team are a gem.

    Akanksha IVF Centre

    Jyoti and Vishal Seth

    May 2009

    We have no words to express our gratitude for all that you have done. God acting through you has showed mercy on us that we have our son today with us. Thank you for fulfilling our dreams.

    Akanksha IVF Centre

    Rinki and Amit

    October 2008

    I along with my wife find it difficult to express the joy and happiness you have given us. May God bless you with a long and healthy life so that you can help more people like us.

    Akanksha IVF Centre

    Shisham and Ajay Shankar

    October 2008

    Frequently Asked Questioins
    • IVF is an acronym for in vitro fertilization (‘in vitro’ meaning ‘in glass’) Hence it is also called as test tube pregnancy. It is a non surgical process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb.The process involves hormonally controlling the ovulatory process, removing ova (eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilise them in a fluid medium. The fertilised egg (Embryo) is then transferred to the patient’s uterus with the intent to establish a successful pregnancy.

    • IVF is usually recommended when either one or both of a woman's Fallopian tubes are blocked or when all other fertility treatments have been unsuccessful. Poor sperm quality and/or quantity, ovulation problems, and sperm-egg interaction problems are some other problems that can prevent couples from having a baby naturally. IVF helps to solve this.

      Specific conditions where patient might require IVF include:

      • Tubal blockage or failed tubal reversal
      • Endometriosis
      • Cervical factor
      • Pelvic adhesions
      • Male factor
      • Unexplained infertility/failed conventional therapy
      • Genetic testing (PGD) for inheritable diseases
      • Genetic testing (PGD) for possible reasons for multiple miscarriages
    • The various steps involved in IVF Procedure are:

      • Multiple eggs are produced through daily for hormonal injection for 8-12 days
      • The response is then monitored through serial Ultrasounds and Blood tests
      • Eggs are retrieved with the help of a needle under local / general anesthesia
      • Then the collected eggs and women's husband's sperms are mixed outside the woman's body in a culture dish or a test tube which is then placed carefully for fertilization in an incubator
      • Transfer of resulting embryo(s) into the uterus of the woman on D2/D5
      • A blood test is performed 2 weeks later to check the establishment of pregnancy

      If the treatment is successful, one or more embryos will be implanted in the uterus and the pregnancy will result, just as it happens in the natural process of conception.