Dr KD Nayar gives lecture in Fertivision 2012 Conference at Jodhpur

The annual conference of Indian Fertility Society, ‘FERTIVISION 2012’ was organized at JODHPUR (Rajasthan) on the 7th, 8th & 9th December 2012. This is a very prestegious & highly academic conference in the field of Infertility management. The conference is a highly awaited event & is attended by doctors from across the country having a keen interest in the field of IVF.The participants look forward to a high qualitative input from the platform, as leading IVF specialist from across India & the world come over to share the latest progress & developments in the area of IVF & ART.

Dr KD Nayar attended the conference & presented talks on the occasion, which were very well received. Akanksha IVF Centre is proud to share a photograph of the lecture by Dr KD Nayar in progress, which was very well appreciated.

With best wishes: The Akanksha IVF Centre Team.