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Ticking Biological Clock And Fertility

Ruchi Sharma, a 37-year-old lady, a top executive in an MNC, married for seven years is desperately trying to conceive for the last two years but with no results. All her test reports are apparently normal and she is absolutely
clueless about what has happened to her fertility. In the “initial five years of my marriage, I did not even have the
time to think about pregnancy, let alone the idea of bringing up a baby. Work, meetings, project deadlines were the
only things in my life. When I started thinking about starting my family, it just did not happen. Now, I am gradually
sinking into depression.” Cases like Ruchi’s are not uncommon. Professional and personal opportunities are there for women over the past 30 years encouraging them to postpone motherhood. Majority of 33% high achieving women who are childless at the age of 41-55 did not choose to be childless and would still like to have children. They simply forgot that their biological clock ticks in unison with the
time. According to Dr. K.D.Nayar, chief consultant, Akanksha IVF Centre, New Delhi, who performs more than 500
IVF/ICSI cycles annually, every day sees eight-10 females above the age of 35 who are desperate to conceive and their number is sharply rising
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