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Life style changes for better outcome in Infertility

Infertility Treatment

Eat healthy diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sources of natural antioxidants counteracting the effect of reactive oxygen species produced in our body on egg and sperm quality. We recommend to eat more fruits and vegetables in 3-6 months before starting IVF

Control your weight

Both extremes, very thin and obese can cause disruption of the process of regular consistent ovulation. Once conceived obesity is associated with miscarriages, gestational diabetes melitus, macrosomia and pregnancy induced hypertensive disorders. Contrary to the belief exercise improve body metabolism and increase O2 supply throughout body which may aid in better outcome, but strenuous unaccustomed and new activity should be avoided.

Take Folic Acid

Intake of the folic acid (400mg) in periconceptional period can reduce chances of Neural tube defect in babies.

Give up smoking

Male: Risk of pregnancy loss increased up to 2.4% for every mg of nicotine a male consumed per week.

Female: The longer a female smoked resulted in a more rapid loss of eggs and also affected fertilization rates, successful fertilization rate decrease by 4.7% for every year they smoke.

  • Stop drinking alcohol during treatment:

Yoga and stress management:

In ongoing ICMR project under Dr. Poonam Nayar (counsellor) at our centre aiming to study the effect of counselling with Yoga based stress management on clinical pregnancy rates in women undergoing ART, women were counselled, given yoga based stress management, general psychological care, and meditation in the pre treatment phase and continuation during treatment phase has found beneficial effect in interim analysis.