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Infertility is a problem impacting number of couples now a days and Assisted reproductive

Techniques (ART) seem to be the correct choice for couples in completing their families. IVF and ICSI are the general terminology used by Infertility experts during treatment, that is actually IVF (Invitro fertilization) where sperm are normal and capable of penetrating the oocyte by its own.) and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection: when sperm are not able to penetrate the oocyte or form good quality embryos than single sperm is taken and injected inside oocyte).

Many infertility specialist claims 100% ICSI treatment at their centre but new studies shows that IVF is associated with natural selection of sperm and increased pregnancy rates in comparison with ICSI. During ICSI numerous physical stresses are given during micromanipulation like putting oocyte in hyaluronic acid, puncturing oocyte with needle and light exposure which may impact growth of Oocyte/Embryo.
When ICSI should be done

Oligozoospermia : Sperm count <10 M/ml, Lesser count is associated with poor sperm ability to fertilize Oocyte. Asthenozoospermia: When sperm motility is < 32% progressive sperm motility, reduced motility denoted reduced sperm ability to fertilize oocyte. Teratozoospermia: When normal sperm morphology is < 4%, in this case Oocyte could be fertilized by poor morphology sperm which may lead to abnormal/ aneuploidy embryo. TESA/ TESE/ PESA: These are surgical sperm recovery techniques; in absence of sperm in ejaculate these techniques are applied. ICSI is the only way to fertilize Oocyte in this case. Fertilization failure: Where previous IVF fertilization failure has been observed ICSI can be done directly. Akanksha IVF Centre