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Parents of Fertility Treatment Shedding Taboo About IVF

Despite tremendous success rates, there is some hesitation among people regarding In Vitro Fertilization. Although infertility is on the rise and so are the advancements in IVF techniques, in the sub-continent countries like India, infertility is still considered more of a “taboo”.

Things are changing very quickly now that infertile couples themselves are coming forward and replying to the criticism with big hearts.

It is time to educate people that infertility is a common biological condition and can affect anyone. Infertile couples opting for IVF are urging the society to accept, support and encourage the couples who want to have a child via IVF and it is high time we accept it with open heart. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

IVF has become a huge ray of hope for many patients who would be unable to become parents otherwise.

It is not something new, and has a safe track record. Couples who have undergone IVF vouch for the safety and this helps relieve anxiety of couples planning for IVFin the future.

Certain heritable diseases can be screened and managed by IVF though embryo selection such as in case of thalassemia trait / minor where patients are normal but affected children can have a major disease. This can be avoided with IVF. The awareness can be spread by couples who seek IVF for this purpose and get positive results.