Dr. KD Nayar attended ESHRE in UK 07th to 10th July 2013

ESHRE or European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology. The 29th Annual meeting of ESHRE was held in England at the ‘Excel Convention Centre’ at London between the 07th to 10th July 2013. This prestegious conference in the field of Human Reproduction, showcases the latest technologies in the area of IVF & ART (Artificial Reproductive Technologies) in the world today. Going with the commitment of Akanksha IVF Centre, to bring the best & latest techniques for our patients, KD Nayar was in London during the above dates, to attend sessions of his clinical interest.

The conference was quite interesting and once again gave us the satisfaction that at Akanksha IVF Centre, we offer infertility related treatment to our patients which match international standards & are at par with the best in the world today.

More information on the conference could be had on the following web-site: www.excel-london.co.uk

Please find below the photograph of Dr KD Nayar during the 29th Annual Conference of ESHRE at London.

With best wishes:

The AKANKSHA IVF Centre Team.

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