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Cost Effectiveness in IVF

The cost behind a baby that is so “priceless”

The apparent cost of this treatment may be a deterrent for many couples so keep in mind the following pocket-friendly options before making a decision.

Doctor Shopping

Do not be taken by glossy advertisements and overhyped success stories. Do not hesitate to ask if there are any hidden expenses.

Choosing the procedure

You need to consider the cost effectiveness of each treatment option. While it is true that an IVF cycle is four times as expensive as IUI cycles, the chance of a pregnancy is also four times as great. You need to have a plan of action and to stick to it.


While cost of IVF medication is a big issue the quality cannot be compromised because it is directly related to pregnancy results. Akanksha IVF likes to stick to the standard ones and we arrange these medications for our patients at reasonable cost.

Getting reimbursement

IVF procedures per se is not covered by Mediclaim Insurance companies as of now.

You may also get medical insurance coverage for some of your treatments such as hysteroscopy/laparoscopy.

Money Back plans or packages-Real economics behind it!!

The advertisement of such plans usually gives the impression that in case of a failed IVF, the entire money would be refunded. Generally, when a couple participates in such a plan, they are required to pay an excess of what is actually required for the treatment cycle. The amount of money refunded and the age of the woman is inversely proportional to each other. But whatever the case, the couple can be quite sure of the fact that they will never get 100% refund. At Akanksha IVF centre we do not have any such money back policy as we have transparent fee structure.


Procedure charges Rs 90,000+cost of medicines